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Allow Your Child to Tell You All Things

It is so important to the child to be able to have the ear of the parent listening to what is so important to the heart of that child as the day comes to the end and some of the difficulties of the world and life must be heard. For you see, blessed parents of the New Age, to allow your child to speak and to tell you all things is allowing the child to be relieved of subconscious patterns, energies and problems that unless they are spoken will remain there to cause disturbances later in life.

If you allow your children and encourage them to tell you of their day’s activities, their joys and their sorrows, they will feel comforted. And because they know you as God, they will believe in their hearts that because mother and father have heard them, then all will be well.

And they free themselves in this manner and they are unburdened, much in the same manner that you are unburdened when you confide your problems to a friend. Somehow, you give that friend your problems, and in this ritual there is the consuming of the problem by the action of the threefold flame of the friend. And so each day there must be opportunity for the child to speak, for the child to listen, for the child to ask questions.

Mothers and fathers, you mother and father a planet, and many, many lifewaves are under your care and under your wings. And as you fulfill the responsibility to the little ones, so you fulfill your responsibility to the Christ in all mankind. And thus you have opportunity, also, to minister unto me, as Jesus, and unto all of the saints and ascended beings. For inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. The least of these may be the children ofthe world. The least of these may be your neighbor or a stranger that is within thy gate.

So remember, also, elemental life. As you serve the elementals, so they return in kind and you contribute to the liberation of the children of nature.

Vol. 53 No. 12 – Beloved Jesus Christ – June 15, 2010  – A Love for the Child So Great That It Transcends All Lesser Concerns

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