How to Overcome Bad Habits.

Archangel Uriel advises you to zero in on single condition in your life that you may have been wrestling with for a long time .He says ,”Whatever the struggle is-whether it be gluttony or greed or something known only to you and me in the privacy of your own heart”:
First,”Be free of all self-condemnations for that condition”.

Second. “See yourself in your great Realiy, large as life, filled with the Spirit, and look at this problem as an inch high.Have the sense of the power of God in you”

Third,”Form and draw together in the heart, in the desire body, and in the will a determination that allows the fiat to go forth from your heart in the spoken Word.” This is the fiat that Uriel gives you:”O my God, I will have the victory over this beast of my lesser self”

Fourth, Do not suppress negatives but let them pass into the violet flame.Visualize a river of violet flame moving swiftly in front of you, and then throw your negatives into it and watch them be carried downstream in the violet flame.Just let them pass into the flame right as you invoke it.

Uriel says:
Transmutation had a logic all its own. If you would transmute, you must also atone and exchange the lesser desire for the greater.Thus, replace untoward activities and desires with new activities, new joy, new interactionele, and friends of light. Take up…sports or hobbies or activities of union, fighting for the freedom of those who need your help right in your own city.

Let this uniting for a cause replace the former self- indulgent activities.You will vind that you are so preoccupied in helping others and you are having such a good time channeling your energy into this new and joyous endeavor that you will not regress

Into old negative patterns when the old emotions surface.
Instead of feeling defeated by a return of old habits, you will be God-victorious because you have focused an iron-will determination in your heart.Good habits are the garments worn bij saints. Bad habits are momentums of indulgence that shroud the chakras. Rechannel the stream, reverse the course of your downward momentums, and build a new streambed, directing the course of your life where  you want to go

It does require effort -joyous effort-but not martyrdom to transmute your base metals into gold, to atone for misdeeds and mistakes, and to exchange fhe lesser desire for the greater desire.The. Archangels are telling us:”We are here to help you. Just call on us and we will prove it to you.”

Bron:Talk with Angels Elizabeth Clare Prophet.