Who Will Rescue the Children? Who Will Rescue the Children?

Who Will Rescue the Children?

Beloved hearts, chaos is in the land and it is high time that a movement be born for the rescue of the little children who are abused, misused, and sold early in life into prostitution. Beloved ones, when a nation desecrates the little child, what is there left of human dignity? For the child is always holy. The child is the vessel of the Manchild and is the one who comes bearing truly the Light of Christ—the infant who shall become the Son of God.

Let mothers and fathers and teachers and all those who serve as their representatives in government hear my call! For that nation shall not be spared which does not value the life and the body of the little child. Let not one of these be lost. For when you ignore this problem, you betray the child within your own heart—and that child is Christ.

Who has left Jesus? Who has left him for Herod’s henchmen? I was the one who was visited by an angel of the Lord, and we fled in the night and retired to Egypt when the male babies were slain.

Beloved ones, they feared the coming of the Christ. And you ought to fear the coming of the Christ! You look for a liberator. You look for a deliverer. Well, look to the little child! Will that child, so abused, then rise up in the dignity of self-worth to deliver a nation, whose nation has already destroyed him and his sense of self-worth, which only lies in making merchandise of his body?

Beloved ones, this is the karma upon the nation. There ought to be torchlight demonstrations in this land for the little child and the casting out of those who come from around the world to enjoy the pleasures of these little children! Is this the kind of tourism you will put up with?

You cannot go your way any longer. This is a crime and a sin. And let those who are responsible be accountable this day! For I, Saint Germain, will walk the streets of this city and this land. And I will place my mantle upon these children, and it is an aura of Light. I may give them the spiritual Light, but who will rescue them physically? Who will be the flame of freedom that begins to build the foundations of a nation in the heart of the little child?

This excerpt on rescuing the children is from the dictation given by Saint Germain, published in the 1985 Pearl of Wisdom®, Vol. 28 No. 14

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