The Breath of Victory

This excerpt from the dictation Breathe In the Spirit of Cosmic Victory! by Mighty Victory is from the 1999 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 42 No. 44 and in the collection of Mighty Victory’s dictations, The Mandate of Victory. 

With each breath you draw, if you so qualify it, ladies and gentlemen, you can accept victory into your world. You say, when you call forth your breath from the atmosphere, that it is a simple process that goes on automatically. True, but ladies and gentlemen, if you call forth victory in that breath and say to your own God Presence, “Mighty God Presence and beloved Victory, flood your sense of cosmic victory into my being as I accept these elements,” you will realize that you are imbibing it from the fountain of Life, which is the fountain of Victory. 

Every ascended being has breathed the atmosphere of earth and has utilized its atoms of energy. The atoms of oxygen and hydrogen that enter your nostrils were breathed by them and by myself in times past. Therefore, if you would extract from those atoms the great quality of God-victory, you must do so by conscious God-design and intent. 

I do not propose, ladies and gentlemen, that you police each breath you draw in and that you stand and say, “Now I am breathing in Victory.” 

But I do propose that you consciously qualify your breath with victory at various times during the day when you think of it and extract from it a life-giving essence which, like a transfusion of new blood or a reception of the atoms of energy manifest in vitamins, will infuse you with a great power of cosmic victory. Therefore this impetus will move you forward to overcome some of the vicissitudes of life that presently distress you. 


Call to the Fire Breath by the Goddess of Purity 

(NOTE: Breathe deeply before giving this decree, and be conscious while giving it of the sacred fire penetrating and purifying every cell and atom of your physical form, healing and revivifying your consciousness until you become one with the fire breath of God.) 

I AM, I AM, I AM the fire breath of God from the heart of beloved Alpha and Omega. This day I AM the immaculate concept in expression everywhere I move. Now I AM full of joy, for now I AM the full expression of divine love. 

My beloved I AM Presence, seal me now within the very heart of the expanding fire breath of God. Let its purity, wholeness, and love manifest everywhere I AM today and forever. (3x) 

I accept this done right now with full power. I AM this done right now with full power. I AM, I AM, I AM God-life expressing perfection all ways at all times. This which I call forth for myself I call forth for every man, woman, and child on this planet.