Levels of heaven and hell

The spiritual realm is much more magnificent but also more complex than I have ever imagined. Yes, there is heaven, heaven has many layers, levels or octaves. People do not all go to the same location. If you think about divine justice, how could there be only one heaven and one hell when so many different types of souls walk the earth?
Do we not all know at least one person who radiates a spiritual sense that is stronger than most others we have met?

What you find within the category of heaven are different etheric levels with etheric retreats. These retreats are run by angels or ascended hosts. Within what we have called “hell” there are multiple levels of the astral plane, including hell itself. Each level going down in vibration intensifies in its severity and in the recalcitrance of the souls sent there. In the etheric plane, each level going up in vibration intensifies in its light and in the spiritual purity of the souls there.

I was taken to a retreat on the etheric level, which was also an orientation center for newly arrived souls. The absolute love and care given to me was in every way astounding. Think of the highest, most profound spiritual experience you have ever had, and what I have experienced here will most likely beyond that in every way. I was given certain baths of light with the violet flame. These were given to raise my vibration and draw my full being into wholeness.

Everyone appears at his best, with more height and a more youthful look than those of us who have just left earth at an advanced age do. It would seem that, in heaven at least, appearance is a product of consciousness.

Source: Messages form Heaven – Amazing Insight on Life After Death, Life Purpose and Earth’s Future by Patricia Kirmond