I Am a Being of Violet Fire! – I Am the Purity God Desires!

Repeat this mantra morning, noon and night. Say it when you awaken and as you rise from your bed to face the Chart of Your Divine Self. After you give your “Violet Fire and Tube of Light” decree give the mantra as you prepare for the day. While you bathe, visualize the action of the flame scrubbing the very pores of your consciousness and of your four lower bodies.

Sing it within your soul while you are making breakfast for yourself or loved ones. See yourself as a being of flame standing in the sacred Fire that is qualified with the violet light of God’s freedom, charging you with his mercy and forgiveness. Whatever you claim for yourself you can claim for all life everywhere because all life is one. As you look out your window and see the trees and the sky and people walking by, visualize the violet flame around them and repeat the mantra on their behalf:

“I Am a being of violet Fire !

 I Am the purity God desires!”

When you say the name of God, I Am, you are saying, “God is” hence the decree means’ “God is a being of violet Fire! God is the purity God desires!”

Wherever you choose to focus your attention, God will manifest himself as a cosmic being of resplendent violet flame. When you give the decree for yourself, you are saying, ”God in me is a being of violet Fire! God in me is the purity God desires!” When you superimpose your visualization of the violet flame upon the trees and the Flowers and the people that you know, you are saying “ God in them is a being of violet Fire! God in them is the purity God desires.

“Thus, I will say it again and again: How wondrous it is to invoke the violet flame while you are here on earth! How wondrous it is that you can project the violet flame into the distant past and the distant future! How wondrous it is that the violet flame has saved so many souls, that it has lightened their load and brought them to that place where they could make their ascensions!”


Bron: Keepers of the Flame Fraternity And the Masters and the Retreats – Mark Prophet and Elizabeth  Clare Prophet.