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Awakening Your Inner Buddha-Nature

Take a moment and commune with the heart of the Buddha. Discover peace, transformation and divine solutions to your everyday problems through the creativity of the Buddha-nature in your heart. You can realize your Buddha-nature by cultivating its qualities known as the Ten Perfections.

“Quietly comes the Buddha” is an offering of meditations, poetry and prayers for developing your Buddhic nature to bring wholeness into your life and the lives of others. Includes meditations on the heart for resolving conflicts and chakra meditations for purification and healing.

I am
The Lord of All the world
Holding the banner of Dipamkara

Prayer of the Buddha to be

Om Buddha of the light
Om Dipamkara
Om Tathagata

Ancient bearer of light, kindler of fire,
Come forth!

Enter now my soul, enter, dear one.
Enfold me in thy flaming presence. Be my soul.
Come, make me whole!

Clear me now by thy transfer of light.
Let me be the freedom of the light, the freedom to free all life, all sentient beings, from unreality.
This is my prayer.

I am the Buddha to be, the buddha in the world to come, proclaimed by Dipamkara.
I rise upon the fountain of the Mother light.
I rise to the heart to be thy light, to be the All.
I am the Buddha. I will be the Buddha
For the Lord has said, “ Go, be the Buddha where I am,”

Om Buddha of the light
Om Dipamkara
Om Tathagata


Source: Quietly comes the Buddha, Awakening Your Inner Buddha-Nature. Page 42. By Elizabeth Clare Prophet.