Flatliners – What’s the Story?

In Flatliners, Nelson is a hyper-ambitious medical student who believes he’s discovered a way that people can have near-death experiences, get a taste of the afterlife, and come back to life without suffering brain damage. He enlists the help of some of his fellow med students to help in his experiments. While they’re wary, their ambition outweighs their skepticism, and at an abandoned museum they plug in their medical equipment and help Nelson ”die” and then come back to life. When Nelson returns, he is clearly changed but unable to fully comprehend the experience. The experiment takes an ugly turn when Nelson is visited by a young boy determined to physically attack him. Nelson does not tell his colleagues about the young boy until two more of the group—David and Joe—explore their own afterlives and are forced to confront their own indiscretions. However, unlike the others, Rachel has a slightly different experience, but what they all realize is that to save themselves from what they have wrought, they must find a way to either atone for what they’ve done or find a way to let go, find peace, and move on.

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The flatliners are thieves and robbers because they are robbing the grave of its due. In due course we shall arrive at the portals of life and death. We will have our life review, and we will face all those things that we have failed to balance in this life. The advice in this matter, is to make your peace with God, with every part of life that you have ever wronged, and with every part of life that has ever wronged you. When you submit to the will of God—when you can surrender your human will to the divine will—then you have truly begun the spiritual path. When you desire to return home to God, to play the game of life according to his rules and not your rules, then you have the humility of heart that allows the Christ to enter in.

Coming back to the movie Flatliners, my assessment is that these four med students went to the astral plane because of their nonresolution. If they had not been revived, they would have been stuck in those scenes. My service to life includes making calls for souls of light at the hour of their transition, including those who for some reason have gotten stuck in the astral plane. Archangel Michael is always ready to use his sword of blue flame to help those who have passed on reach the highest level of the afterlife that their karma allows.

This is just a brief assessment of the movie Flatliners. The movie unfolds nuance after nuance. You may not know where to begin or end interpreting it—until, of course, you remember that it’s only fiction. But the spiritual issues in our lives are very real.

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