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Holding the immaculate concept

Raphael works with the third eye and he empowers you to visualize wholeness in yourself and others.

When someone is ill or someone is burdened because of an accident, use the third eye to visualize perfection. Visualize the body healed instead of seeing the problem. Visualize the result you desire. When you develop the third eye and use it for the power of pure seeing,  you will become a healer under the legion of Raphael and Mother Mary.

We call this “holding the immaculate concept” a science that is taught by Mother Mary. Mary teaches us to use our third eye to see the best, the most beautiful, the perfect conception of any part of life. When you look at someone with an eye of love, the eye of God,  you see in them the very best.

That love sustains your picture of their perfection and it helps them to become it. If you are with a loved one who has been injured in a major accident, the most important  thing that you can do is to keep concentrating on the perfect picture. Keep it steady in your mind’s eye.  Then repeat the following mantra.

l Am, I Am beholding All,
Mine eye is single as I call.
Raise me now and set me free,
The holy image now to be.

This mantra helps discipline the mind and emotion. It strengthens you to bar the door against your worst fears and to close your mind to all but the most positive affirmations. Keep your eye focused on the image of perfection, not allowing it to move from that  image.

Whatever you desire to manifest, see it and visualize it with full concentration during the initial crisis. Go to a quiet place and do your work as an alchemist, using the violet flame, using the mind of God that has greater power than anything in this world. Hold the healing thoughtform in your mind  to the exclusion of all else and reinforce it with decrees, the white light, the blue of protection and the divine blueprint and the green of healing.

Bron : Talk with Angels
Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

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