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The Healing Emerald Matrix – Part 2

Access the Attainment of Your Higher Self
The ascended masters teach that your Higher Self holds the key to your healing. Your Higher Self is that intuitive part of yourself that reads the past, present and future and guides you through the still small voice within your heart. The masters refer to the Higher Self as the Holy Christ Self or Chief Guardian Angel. You know when you connect to this part of yourself, because you feel joyous, dynamic and centered. This course is about making a conscious contact with your Higher Self. One that pushes back the barriers of your own self-imposed limitations that have inhibited contact with this Real dynamic part of yourself.

Draw Upon Your Inner Attainment for Healing
The attainment you actually hold in your Higher Self is yours to claim.  The first step is to understand that you have this inner attainment. When you know that this attainment is available to you then, you can access it and make it work for you! The ascended masters teach that when you think limited thoughts about yourself such as: “I am a limited human being,” “I am beset by my negative karma,” “I must overcome three negative habits before I can even be accepted by God…,” you become your own worst enemy. You are negating the divine presence of God that is descending upon you through the crystal cord moment by moment. You are nullifying the light that is descending. In a sense, when you think limiting thoughts you give power to the human ego which is the antithesis of our Divine Ego or your Higher Self and you unintentionally keep yourself stuck. Of course, we all do this from time to time. The important thing, however, is to know that there is a way out and that you can be healed.

Soul-Travel to the Etheric Retreats for Healing
During this course you will discover that you are so much more than what you appear to be. You are, in reality, a great spiritual being! An important part of this course, is learning how to soul-travel to the etheric retreats and to work at night on the inner planes with the angels and masters while your body rest. The ascended masters have beautiful healing retreats where you can go to rest, heal and study and to tune into the next practical step you need to take for your personal healing. In order for the light of the heaven-world to descend you must first understand your relationship to this higher plane which is called the etheric plane. As you draw down the light of your Higher Self and your I AM Presence in to the physical plane, you become a magnet to attract your personal healing formula—your own Emerald Matrix. As you practice centering in your heart chakra, the place where the Divine Spark of God resides within the secret chamber of your heart, and you use the power of concentration and visualization and give specific healing mantras, you can experience the perfect light of healing that exist within you. This perfect light resides within the Divine Spark, the threefold flame of power, wisdom and love. To contact this light requires that you seek harmony and desire the divine will of God in your life.

To experience a healing you must have the qualities of this divine will. You must be determined, diligent, and dedicated to your healing. And if you are, you will be able to discern what kind of healing modalities you need to pursue at a particular time and cycle. What prayers and mantras you need to give. For one of the laws of healing is that you must ask to be healed. People seek wholeness in many ways: through friends, family, travel, career and all the things life has to offer. But ultimately, healing comes when you make contact with the source of light within, your Higher Self, and discover your unique healing formula.

Bron: Course Emerald Matrix by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet

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