The Healing Science of the Mother

My children aborning in the womb of time and space, becoming  the fullness of the Christ day by day, know he not that I Am the Motherray, Ma-ray, Mary. Hearts cry out to me, arms oppressed, children in prayer,  souls racked upon beds of pain cry out to the Divine Mother, and the Divine Mother hears and answers each call.

I am come this day with my divine complement, Raphael, the archangel of  healing. And we bring with us angels of the healing flame to minister to the needs of mankind, to souls weary-weary of the world with its pain, its daily, hourly crucifixion.

Yes, I  know, for I Am the heart of the Divine Mother. I know what is in your hearts, each one. I know the hearts of millions, for I have fashioned the etheric pattern and design of that heart to be the pulsing life force of God’s energy for the incarnation that is the opportunity for each soul to become more of God, more of life, more of love.

The heart must be sealed in fire, as the fire of protection and perfection against the dissonance of the world, the jangled beat, the jealousies, the hatred of men. These attack the hearts of the innocent and the unwary.

Heart disease and heart failure have become a common occurrence in a modern society that prides itself in the greatest methods of healing and medicine that the world has ever known.

Bron: The Age of the Divine Mother – Elizabeth Clare Prophet.