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Youth, Beauty and Perfection are attributes of Love

“Youth, Beauty, and Perfection are attributes of Love, which the God Self is continually pouring forth into Its Creation. Within each individual is placed the power and means for maintaining and increasing that perfect, ever- expanding activity of creation. “The power of accomplishment is the energy of the God Self in each human being born into the world. It is always active every moment in your mind, body, and world. There is no instant in which this mighty energy is not flowing through all individuals. You are privileged to qualify it as you please at the command of your own free will through consciously directed thought and feeling.

“Thought is the only thing in the universe that can create vibration you qualify this ever-flowing energy with whatever you desire to have manifest in your life and world. This limitless, intelligent, radiant energy is flowing ceaselessly through your nervous system and is the Eternal Life and vitality in the blood stream coursing through your veins. It is an all-powerful, omnipresent, intelligent activity given you by the Father-the God Principle of Life-to the consciously directed according to your free will. Real Intelligence, which uses everything constructively, comes only from Within the God Principle-the flame of Life and is not merely the activity of the intellect. Real Intelligence is Wisdom, or God Knowledge, and this does not and cannot think wrong thoughts. Wrong thoughts come only from impressions made upon the intellect by the world outside of the individual.

If individuals would discriminate between their own thoughts that is, thoughts from within the God Flame and the suggestions thrown off by other people’s intellect to and the evidence of the senses, which consider appearances only, they would be able to avoid all discordant activities and conditions in the world of experience.
“ The Light from within one’s own God Flame is the criterion, the standard of Perfection by which all thoughts and feelings that reach us through the five senses should be tested. No one can keep his thoughts and feelings qualified with Perfection unless he goes to the Source of Perfection; for that quality and activity only abide within the God Fame.

“This is the individual’s need for meditation upon and communion with the Light of God within himself.

Bron: Unveiled Mysteries, Godfre Ray King.

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