The Establishment of the Order of the Emerald Cross

Therefore, as you come to the place where you are balancing greater quantities of karma, personal and planetary, you come to the supreme testing of the avatars where your assignment after having balanced 51 percent of your karma is to then begin to work away as the transmutation of the entire astral plane as well as your own astral body.

I tell you that the reason the Lords of Karma gave the dispensation for the ascension of souls after the balance of 51 percent is because the next 24 percent is entirely the descent into the astral plane, and this is an even greater challenge than the balancing of the first 51 percent. And so many among mankind who were pursuing the Path, when they came to that level of transmutation, fell back and lost even the 51 percent that they had gained, so treacherous is the walk in the labyrinth of the astral plane.

And now you have been called by Lanello to make your mark, perfection’s mark, and to shoot the arrow for the completion of the balance of 100 percent of your karma so that you might set a good example for the age. And therefore I give to you the admonishment of the Karmic Board that if you will remain after that line of 51 percent, you must take care to see that you hold fast to what you have received from God.

Let every Keeper of the Flame hold fast to the torch of life and keep that flame through the dark hours of the dark night of the soul, passing through those places on the astral Plane where mankind are at the lowest levels of self-awareness.

Let then, the Order of the Emerald Cross and the emerald ray from the heart of Cosmos and Cyclopea and Raphael and Mary and Hilarion and Pallas Athena and the Maha Chohan, the sponsors of this order to keep your four lower bodies charged and full of that emerald frequency so that you always have a greater light within you than the darkness that contacts you.

I Am in love Portia Goddess of Opportunities Pearls of Wisdom. September 1, 2020