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Remember, I am Mary

Feel the love of God in the angelic hosts. We are Real, I promise you. We are Real, we are ready, and we are determined that this civilization will not go down for this or that darkness that has penetrated.

For the judgments of the Lord Christ shall ultimately come for the binding of the rebel angels, and the burdens of live will easy up as you move into the 20-first century. But just now and in these years to come, nine years and more from this hour, you will face challenges supreme.

I come, then for the strengthening for the determination and to give you my promise that I, Mary, will come to you and care for you as I have cared for my son Jesus. So, call to me, for I am your Mother of Love, most appreciable and never condemning. No, you are not dyed-in-the-wool sinners.

Yes, you may have sinned. You may be ignorant of the Laws of God and you may have broken some of his Laws, erring on this or that side of the Law, but in you is that the Divine Being, the Atman, which you are and ever have been from the Beginning.

Remember, I am Mary.

I hold the immaculate concept for your victory. I AM your Mother cheering you on. I will not leave thee, O my sons and daughters. In this flame, we seal our message to you this night.

May you rejoice that your eyes are opened and that you can nurture your inner sight and therefore know and see those things that shall shortly come to pass.

With Raphael, I bow before the light within you, ever the servant of your God flame and your souls.


Bron: The Age of the Divine Mother, Elisabeth Clare Prophet

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