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Mold Yourself in the Divine Design of Love (part 1)

Balance Your Threefold Flame, Saturate Yourself with the Fire of the Holy Spirit and Resolve Your Psychology

Hail to the light in the chela! Let that light expand, that the darkness not overtake it. Secure the hurricane lamp; protect the flame. Know the Atman within. Know the seed of the Buddha. Know the Holy Christ Self. Know the Holy Buddha Self.

Let the crown of life be above you, waiting to descend when you have set aside the earthly consciousness. The crown of everlasting life—work toward it, internalize it and know that God has never given you an assignment that you could not follow. You are always able to do the bidding of the Lord, for with that bidding he does give you the strength, the action, the inner visualization, the knowledge of how to do it and how to get the job done in the fastest and most expedient way.

Think in these terms, beloved, and think in terms of balancing the threefold flame. We speak of this periodically. I come back to it. An unbalanced threefold flame equals an unbalanced psychology. Think upon that, beloved. Think of the three plumes of psychology and the white circle that is the base of it.

Think how power must be controlled by wisdom, and love must be the arbiter of all situations. So if you have too much of something and not enough of another in any situation, you are out of balance. And therefore you must seek the balance by daily calling for the [balanced] threefold flame, for that to manifest. Sing with Me to the Threefold Flame

And now, beloved, as part of my sermon to you this day, I ask you to sing with me the song to the threefold flame that you might understand how much importance I place upon this flame and how much importance I place upon you reaching that great balance.

Introit to the Holy Christ Self

Holy Christ Self above me
Thou balance of my soul
Let thy blessed radiance
Descend and make me whole.

Thy flame within me ever blazes
Thy peace about me ever raises
Thy love protects and holds me
Thy dazzling light enfolds me.
I AM thy threefold radiance
I AM thy living Presence
Expanding, expanding, expanding now.

Holy Christ Flame within me
Come, expand thy triune light
Flood my being with the essence
Of the pink, blue, gold and white.

Holy lifeline to my Presence
Friend and brother ever dea
Let me keep thy holy vigil
Be thyself in action here.

By this love and the balance of love, you shall know an inner equilibrium that will carry you unto the weaving of the deathless solar body, the seamless garment, [until] you truly are ready to move into the light, nevermore to descend into the darkness.

Bron: Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 45 No. 22 – Beloved Kuthumi – June 2, 2002

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