Gautama BuddhaTeachings

All that we are is the result of what we have thought –  Gautama Buddha.

We should always begin our experiments in abundance by creating and then repeatedly visualizing a blueprint of exactly what we want to see happen in our lives. “Visualization is important”, says Saint Germain. Without it nothing shall apear.

“If you wish more vitality, you must visualize yourself already having that Vitality-your muscles rippling with God’s energy, your mind brimming with vital ideas, tingling with life  and light and love,” he says.

“You must feel and know that the energies of God are flowing through  Your fingertips and toes, emanating into space the glow of abundant health and a transfiguring countenance. I have found that we can maximize the effectiveness of our prayers and meditations by summoning the power of our inner vision. My prayers always include moving pictures of what I am praying for.

In your daily prayers and meditations, try visualizing, as if on a movie screen, the desired outcome of your prayers. See taking place before your eyes what you need to accomplish in every area of your life, including career, education, family, home, health, relationships and spirituality.

Visualize the resolution of difficult situations. If you are working with a special master or angel in your prayers , see him or her  interceding on your behalf. Visualize the violet flame consuming all obstacles to your spiritual and material prosperity -whether these obstacles take the form of bounced checks, problems in relationships or discouragement.

Be as specific as possible in your visualizations- and have fun with them. The more centered, concentrated and creative you are, the better your results  will be.

Bron: Creative Abundance Keys to Spiritual and Material Prosperity

Elizabeth Clare Prophet Mark L. Prophet