The Power of Love

“The power of love is the power that changes you. It brings healing, if you really trust that healing, but it must be predicated on absolute forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness.” #ElMorya

“There is time for penance and transmutation and then absolute freedom from the past because you have worked through the problem. “You must let the grace of forgiveness flow from the fount of the Creative Self, your own beloved inner teacher.

“There is a time for self-correction, which has nothing to do with self-condemnation. “A mistake begets a joyous desire for excellence, for self-overcoming, for reaching the star.

It is not a question of guilt.
It is not a question of sin.
It is not a question of self-flagellation.
It is a realization of limitation:

I will conquer! I see this.
I will cut through it.
I will put it behind me

From the work of Elizabeth Prophet, 1984