" O God, You Are So Magnificent " - The Summit Lighthouse Holland

” O God, You Are So Magnificent “

Developing the Divine Sense To You Who are Destined to Keep the Flame of His Eternal Magnificence. Speak this phrase daily which intense adoration.

Speak it many times in the quire recesses of your mind and heart. Speak it as you observe the beauties of nature-the lovely flowers, the trees, the blue sky, the  drifting clouds and the faces of children looking up and moving toward a greater maturity of godly expression.
While you speak it, contemplate how many other Keepers of the Flame, both  ascended and unascended, are speaking it with you and know that you shall never walk alone. Speak it in the teeth of every wearying problem and watch how your strength will increase as you magnify the Lord “Giving this affirmation of the magnificence of the Creator as he appears throughout the creation is an exercise basic in its simplicity. As you praise him with childlike wonder:

”O God, you are so magnificent”

These very words will automatically key into your world the release of a most powerful and heartwarming energy from the center of the universe of  God’s Being – expanding for the beginner as well as the advanced student a greater awareness of God and his ever-enfolding love. You may practice this exercise for a day or for a lifetime. It is one for which you will ever be grateful and of which you need never tire. It is also suitable for teaching to children. Simple yet profound, quiet and glorious, it will draw into your world each hour the radiant love and penetrating wisdom of your own God Presence. As you establish through your devotion the glory of the Father above in the earth below, he will lift you in his arms of tenderness and  love, cushioning the bruises of the road and strengthens the heavenly bond.

I Am eternally one with the magnificence of God
Paul the Venetian Chateau de Liberté

Bron Keepers of the Flame  Fraternity.



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