A Rose, a Poem, and a Song from The Queen of Light

At every level of initiation let the capacity to receive and to give be increased. The light that you are today, as a blazing sun of Reality, will appear as an atom tomorrow, when you become a greater sun. And each day as you increase the ring of light, you will become aware of Mighty Cosmos, who is born inside of you—Mighty Cosmos, being of light, releasing the wholeness of the secret rays:




I come carrying a basket in my hands that is filled with roses. It is the gift of the Queen of Light to all who come this way. Let each one receive a rose of my heart, a pink rose of love to keep as a remembrance of this day. Angels of the Goddess of Light, angels of the Goddess of Purity, angels of my band, come forth. Let the crystal-diamond light be for the adornment of the eyes of a child, of the eyes of a mother and a father and of souls swimming in the sea of God’s own bliss.

Angels, come forth. You are light. I AM light. We are light.

And this is light—to be an offering as a rose, to be the one who ministers unto life.

I come for the reinforcement of all that has been given in this conference. I come with poetry, and I come with a song for each one, which is fashioned out of the rhythm and the cycles of your own causal body. My angels stand before you to sing to you this song—the song of your own beloved, the song of your own twin flame, and to read to you the poetry of your I AM Presence.

So with a rose, a poem, and a song, I AM the Queen of Light. And now I walk through you, each one, merging my being with your own for a moment so that you might know the meaning of becoming a king and a queen in the hierarchy of light. I come to set the blueprint of that goal. I come with upliftment for your soul. I come to dissolve all unworthiness, all substance of uneasiness, all absence of firmness in will, in the Law, in the pursuit of the Holy Spirit.

I come to reinforce your awareness of Self as beauty, as holiness, as loveliness, as tenderness, and as the victory of the star-fire light. I come to let the diamond of my crown burst within you, within each chakra, in order to give you the awareness of fulfillment in each of the seven rays.

O God, raise them up! Lift them up on high! Let them be, now, the fullness—the fullness, oh yes—of each sphere of the causal body, fair and glowing, and with the countenance of the Angel of the Presence. Like lightning, let it pass through each one.

Let each one come to know the Reality of individuality that is fashioned and fired in God, no more to submit to limitation, to mortality. Let each one know the Real Self. Let each one claim—in honor and in dignity, in nobility and in humility—the fullness of a Selfhood fashioned in the image of our God.

I come to restore you to your divine estate, to give you that appreciation of your Real Self so that you can hold your head high in the joy of living, in the joy of knowing and of giving, in the joy of saying:

I AM a son of God!

I AM a daughter of God!

I AM erect, for I know that my Redeemer liveth!

I know that I am forgiven, washed clean, and made whole!

I know that I stand in time and space and yet I AM the Eternal One!

I AM a blazing sun!*

I AM the fullness of the Word incarnate!

I AM created in honor!

To honor I shall return, and I am not afraid to be the fullness of my God-identity!

* This could also be “Son.”

A Rose, a Poem, and a Song 208207 Vol. 62 No. 29 The Queen of Light

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