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Frequent Ask Questions (FAQ) 1

How do I order a book or product?
You can do this in two ways:
– Without Registration
– With Registration

Without registration
The easiest way is without registration.

1. Go to the product and click on “Voeg toe ” or “Voeg toe aan Winkelwagen” (=Add to shopping cart) button
2. As soon as you have clicked on the “Add” button, the product is added to the shopping cart.
3. You can search further, or continue the order process.
4. In the shopping cart you can change/delete titels, add a discount code or go to checkout.
5. “Factuur gegevens” (= Billing address) It is necessary to fill in your email address,name, adress etc. on this page.
6. You can pay your order by using iDEAL for Holland, for Belgium Bancontact or you can pay with Creditcard or Paypall

With registration
This registration is useful if you come more often to the webshop to order. You do not have refill your adres again.
1. Go to the Homepage and click in the left column (bellow the butten “Inloggen” ) on the link “Nieuwe Klant “(=New Customer)
2. You are now in the screen where you can register. (See example below)

Hoe ter registreren in WordPress

3. The right column is to register. Type in under “Gebruikersnaam” (= Username) your name or nickname and “Email” your mail. Click on “Registeer”(= Register).
4. You will receive the password in your email.
NB. This is a “strong” password with lowercase and uppercase letters, symbols and approximately 12 characters.
5. Return to the site and enter your User Name and Password.
TIP: Copy your password from your email and paste it into the password field.

What is a dashboard and how to get there?
In your dashboard, you can fill in all your data or adjust it, such as: name, address, billing or shipping address and password. If you are logged in, click on “Mijn Account” (= My Account) and you’ll enter your dashboard.

How do I find a book?
In the left column you will see the word “Zoeken” (=Search) bar; if you enter a search term and press the ‘Enter’ button, then the search starts ‘In the shop’. If a title cannot be found, we can help you by phone or via our Contact page.

How can I pay?
You can pay the order with iDEAL for Holland and for Belgium Bancontact, Creditcard or PayPall. You can pay in the Internet payment page, based on specific security methods of your own bank.

Coupon Code:
Do you have a coupon code you can fill in this code when ordering.

Do I have to pay shipping costs?
The shipping costs are determined on the base of weight. For an overview of the shipping costs go to shipping page.

Can I have my order delivered on another address?
Yes, that is possible, you can indicate it in the shopping cart page when you finished your order.

I have another question?
Do you have more questions, you can always contact us. On the basis of your question we will update this page, so we can inform other visitors in the correct manner.

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