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You Must Bring Forth Again in the Age of Aquarius

Many of You Made Scientific Discoveries on Atlantis That You Must Bring Forth Again in the Age of Aquarius.  I, then, would tell you that what you have heard in my prophecies for South America and the world is but a mere portent of things to come. I would tell you that never in your history since you first placed your feet on this planet and on this soil have you had such a challenge as you now face and as you and your progeny will be facing in the next two hundred years.

Thus, beloved, I would open your eyes. Therefore I invite you (your soul clothed in your etheric sheath, your physical body at home asleep) to come this night to my retreat at the Cave of Symbols in North America. In answer to your call, my angels will escort you there that you may learn of me and of technologies that I introduced in civilizations long buried beneath the shifting sands of time. These technologies advanced the cause of enlightenment, eliminated drudgery and brought the people to a higher awareness of their own God Presence.

Moreover, by special dispensation from the Lords of Karma, tonight and in ensuing nights I shall pull out the maps of ancient civilizations as well as the records of your past lives that you may begin to grasp the big picture of what your past and present lives have sown and reaped and what present and future choices remain open to you in this life. Marvel not that many of you made scientific discoveries more than twelve thousand years ago on Atlantis, which you must once again bring forth in the age of Aquarius. Under my careful oversight, you will perfect these inventions. And if you freely lay them on the altar of humanity and thereby benefit the race, you may win your ascension at the conclusion of this life.

When you come in your finer bodies to the Royal Teton Retreat (in the heaven-world), congruent with the Grand Teton in Wyoming, your souls and your Causal Bodies and your auras will commune with the souls and Causal Bodies and auras of the North Americans. And I tell you, beloved, from the first moment you enter the Royal Teton Retreat, you will know beyond a doubt that the mystery schools are in place. And you will know that many retreats of the Great White Brotherhood have opened their doors to you and to the lightbearers of the world so that all who have a spiritual potential for union with God might accelerate their course and fulfill their fiery destiny in this life.

There is no cup or elixir so sweet as a passion fulfilled–yes, the passion of my dream of freedom that shall become a reality because you yet offer me your hearts, your hands and your voices, through which I may reach the evolutions of this planet. I send my Messenger not only to Buenos Aires but to the world, for the Aquarian age must be inaugurated in every nation and on every continent. This is the calling of the Messenger in this hour. But it is also the calling of my Keepers of the Flame and every chela of El Morya.

I would speak to you of the severity of the karma that has accumulated for thousands of years and is now being unleashed by the Lords of Karma. If you could read the handwriting on the wall and understand what could come upon this civilization in terms of cataclysm, you would not waste your time or your energy in idle conversation.

No, you would take your decree and song booklets that the Messenger and her staff have prepared for you and you would give those decrees and songs with gusto!  You would also study The Science of the Spoken Word, published in Spanish and Portuguese. And then you would truly understand just what is the great power of Lord Maitreya’s sponsorship. For he comes out of the East in the lineage of the great Buddhas to raise your consciousness to the levels of the Eastern teachings and the Eastern Masters.

And so I rejoice to be in your midst!  I rejoice that my Messenger is here!  And from my Causal Body, I now draw down a special gift that is meet for you according to your level of attainment, your dedication and your determination to fulfill your calling in God.

Source: Fragment of  Pearls of Wisdom: Vol. 39 No. 7 – Beloved Saint Germain – February 18, 1996

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