You are full of ideas because that light is pulsating. - The Summit Lighthouse Holland

You are full of ideas because that light is pulsating.

Archangel Gabriel says that to maintain the spirit of Joy you have to learn how to hold onto the light because  your light is your joy and your joy is your light. Gabriel says: “To determine to hold light, to be light, to know the light, and to be the  Servant of the light even while becoming the master of that light”.

Protect the light in the base-of- the- spine chakra and in all of your chakras. Gabriel says that the spirit of joy comes to you when light is flowing in your chakras.  When you raise the pure light of the base chakra to the crown and hold that light in your chakras, you can be highly creative in your job, in your home, everywhere you go. You are full of ideas because that light is pulsating.

Those who conserve the Mother light are the most creative individuals in every field. They are also the most joyous. Joy in the heart is the fire of creativity. Ask Gabriel and his angels to help you to recapture and keep the light. When you protect that light, you have energy, strength, vitality in your being.

This is why we give prayers and mantras of protection to Archangel Michael. The angels cannot lawfully give us anymore light on a daily basis than we will protect. If we let our light go down the drain through some argument or discord or problem we’re having, God wil not keep pouring his light into our vessel,  a vessel that continually leeks out the light.

When you are strong because God’s light is in you, you can work the works of God. That light nourishes all of your organs. Without that light in flow, Gabriel says degeneration, decay, disease, and death set in. Gabriel says that the flow of light in your chakras from the base to the crown was designed by God to keep you in a state of sheer ecstasy and joy in perfect health.

Bron: Talk with Angels. Elizabeth Clare Prophet Hold the Light.

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