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The Healing Emerald Matrix – part 3

What is a Thoughtform? The ascended masters teach their devotees how to use positive thoughtforms to accelerate on the path as well as to benefit mankind as a whole. In this course you will be learning how to use thoughtforms for healing. A thoughtform is a thought that literally takes form and takes the shape of an image or a mental picture. The masters teach that thoughts are “things” and they manifest according to what thoughts we are holding at any given time. When you visualize something in your mind’s eye, you are working with a thoughtform. A visualization is a thought that is shaped into a visible pattern—a thoughtform. Understanding thoughtforms is very important, because with your thoughts you create your world. This is a teaching that has come from ancient spiritual sources.

Archangel Raphael’s Healing Thoughtform
The angels of Raphael’s bands are master surgeons. Raphael says they use a “laser technology” to “penetrate to the very core of a cell… to expand the violet flame from within” and to “seal that cell in the healing thoughtform.”

The Healing Thoughtform
Archangel Raphael has released a healing thoughtform that is scientifically formulated to restore the inner blueprint and divine wholeness when visualized surrounding and penetrating the cells and atoms of the four lower bodies or a specific organ. It is composed of concentric spheres of white, sapphire-blue and emerald-green sacred fire. The white sphere of this thoughtform is the white fire core, and it represents purification and restores the balance of Alpha and Omega. The white-fire-core, always interacting with the violet flame, is the energy of Alpha and Omega. This transmutes the conditions (physical, mental, and emotional) that cause the disorder—or the disordering of the natural flow of harmony in your life.

The blue sphere magnetizes and restores the inner blueprint. The blue sphere, in combination with the violet fire—is the action of the will of God which summons by divine decree the atoms, molecules, and cells into conformity with the inner blueprint of the Son of God in whose image you were and are “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

The green sphere brings the continuous flow of healing and restores life. The green sphere—blending with the “scrubbing, scouring” action of the violet flame—is the miracle of God’s immortal Life that restores the flow of Spirit through Matter and makes it whole. See in your mind’s eye the healing thoughtform alternating with the violet transmuting flame, burning through all substance blocking the flow of the life force. As you visualize this healing thoughtform, you will want to see it whirling (clockwise) and as it does, it magnetizes the flow of your lifestream into the matrix of nature’s original design.

If you, or a loved one, suffers an injury, call for the healing thoughtform. You can make the following a quick call:

In the name Jesus Christ, beloved Archangel Raphael, and the Blessed Mother, place your healing thoughtform over [insert the name of the person].

Then visualize spheres of sacred fire descending from the heart of God as the pulsating presence of the Holy Spirit. Visualize the white-fire core centered in the scintillating, sapphire-blue flame wrapped in the emerald-green fires. The first minutes and hours after an accident are critical. Whether you keep the vigil at the bedside of a loved one or at a distance, picture the injured parts becoming whole until they are in their original healthy state. Hold this picture steady in your mind’s eye. Still all anxiety and doubt and fear and do not let any of that press in upon you. Focus totally on holding the healing thoughtform in your mind to the exclusion of all else. Affirm that God in you is beholding all as perfect and once again restored to its true image.

Bron: Course Emerald Matrix by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet

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