What happens during an NDE – Near-Death Experience ? (Part 2 of 2)

Some of those who had NDEs saw beautiful pastoral scenes. An elderly man told Moody, “When you get on the other side there’s a river. Just like in the Bible… It had a smooth surface just like glass…. Yeah, you cross a river.” When Moody asked how he crossed this river, the man responded, “Just walked…It’s beautiful. There’s no way to describe it… It’s so quiet over there and so peaceful. You feel like just resting. There was no darkness.”

Seeing friends and relatives and going into pastoral scenes during an NDE may have to do with entering a realm that is entirely subjective, created according to desires and wishes of the individual. It is known by Buddhists as devachan. In devachan you see want you want to see, what you expect to see, and when you want to see it. People may spend decades or centuries (measured as we measure time on earth) in devachan where they are living in a realm of wish fulfillment, playing out their desires and their wishes before they reincarnate.

Getting on with Moody’s analysis of situations that are similar in reports of NDEs, he says, “After meeting several beings of light, the NDEer usually meets a ‘supreme Being of Light”. People with a Christian background often describe Him as God or Jesus, but someone very holy nonetheless.

I believe that the being of light that people see when they go to the other side during an NDE is their Higher Self, which I call the Holy Christ Self- truly the manifestation of the Son of God that is personal to every individual. Moody says that this being radiates such total love and understanding that most people desire to remain with him forever.

Your Higher Self is actually with you forever, in every incarnation, and therefore this desire will be satisfied. When you are ready, your soul will be fused to that Self and you become that Self in action. This is the overarching goal of life.

Source: The AfterLife – What Really Happens in the Hereafter –

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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