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The Healing Emerald Matrix – part 4

The Masters Use Healing Thoughtforms. Several ascended masters and angels have mentioned the healing thoughtform in their dictations given through the messengers Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet over the years, encouraging us to use this beautiful healing matrix.

In a dictation by Archangel Raphael given to the messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on February 27, 1993, he said:
I AM Raphael, and the Blessed Mother stands with me. We reach out to you in our deep caring for you and for the millions who know not the way to go and allow themselves thoughtlessly to express anger toward God, when they alone are accountable for the outcome of their lives. So, beloved, this is the hour we seal the earth in the Healing Thoughtform. And by that thoughtform, made up of the green, the blue, and the white spheres, we seal many who suffer, who die of diseases that never should have been allowed to invade the body, that never should have been at all.

The Release of the Healing Thoughtform
The healing houghtform was released in a dictation by Archangel Raphael through the messenger Mark L. Prophet during the Easter Class in Washington on March 28, 1964. Raphael said: “As I am come to you to minister to the needs of your own souls, it is my God-determination to let the atmosphere quiver with the healing light of God—the blue radiance, combined with the green radiance, the pure central white-fire radiance—all combined to form a triad of healing significance. Precious ones, the white fire core is then surrounded in this case by a mighty, tangible blue sheath of light. And the blue sheath denotes the will of God, which is the manifest perfection for all mankind. The mighty sheath of green, vibrating and quivering around all, is the substance of the healing qualification for the earth and for the evolutions thereof…”.

The Concept of Free Will
In this same dictation, Raphael went on to talk about the concept of free will, which is very important to understand when we talk about healing. He said: “One of the great requisites of healing, blessed ones, is for the individual who is to receive the healing to make the necessary call for himself, which compels the answer from the octaves of light. An intense action, then, does come forth when an individual will faithfully make the call for his own healing”.

Witness, then, blind Bartimaeus and others who made their calls to Jesus, saying: “O Jesus of Nazareth, heal me!” In answer to their request, the master was able to establish a focus and contact with our octave, and the mighty currents of the green healing light flowed forth to make them whole.

But I call to your attention that the central focus of the green healing ray is the pure white fire core which is able to touch the responsive chord within every lifestream who may be vibrating on a different ray than the green ray. And therefore, all those of every ray are entitled to receive the fullness of the pure healing power from the mighty cosmic fount which descends into the forcefield of mankind’s being in order to bring about the perfection which already was and will remain forever inviolate in the octaves of light!

Raphael then explained the concept of disease. He said:
“Bear in mind, precious ones, that when matter and substance becomes distorted through disease and the wrong use of energy, that that wrong pattern then outpicturing will endure so long as there is energy to sustain it. He explained how the higher mental body can assist us in the healing process: The Higher Mental Body is another name for the Holy Christ Self or our Higher Self. This aspect of ourselves is the Mediator between our soul and our God Presence (which is depicted the top figure in the Chart of the Divine Self.) The God Presence correlates to the Superconscious Mind. Our Higher Self is our Real Self, our Inner Guide or Inner Teacher, the Inner Christ. Known also as the voice of conscience or the still small voice within. This little voice tells you right from wrong—you know—it’s the voice that when you don’t do what it says to do you get into trouble and find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time. And afterwards you say to yourself: “Why didn’t I follow the prompting of that little voice with in me?”

When we listen to this voice we will always find ourselves in the right place at the right time doing the will of God.

The Higher Mental Body has a lot to do with healing as Archangel Raphael explains: “But when the wrong use of energy is cut off by the direct command of the Higher Mental Body speaking to the physical form and saying, “Stop that action!” it comes to pass that there is a dissolving action whereby the wrong thought patterns are dissolved and there is reestablished a contact with the Immaculate Conception–the original divine design, the glori-ous, radiant, pure perfection of the archetypal perfection which abides within the Higher Mental Body and the Mighty I AM Presence of all”.

Bron: Course Emerald Matrix by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet.

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