Saint GermainTeachings

Saint Germain’s Teaching on Our One Source

“Every one of God’s children who will acknowledge and accept the ‘Presence’ of the One Mighty God anchored Within his heart and brain, and feel that Truth deeply many times a day, realizing and knowing God fills his mind and body so full of Light there is no room for anything else, he can be free. The One All-Powerful ‘Presence’ is the mighty harmonious activity of one’s Life and affairs, and if his attention be fixed firmly with determination on this Eternal Truth, no height of attainment is too great for him to reach.

“There is but One Source and Principle of Life to which we should give our undivided attention, and that is the God Self within every individual. To the Great Harmonious Self the personal self should give conscious recognition at all times and keep in constant Inner Communion with It, no matter what the outer activity of the mind is.

“This One Great Self is the Life Energy flowing through every human body each moment whereby all are enabled to move about in the world of form. It is the Wisdom flowing through the mind, the Will directing all constructive activities, the Courage and Strength sustaining everyone, the Feeling of Divine Love with which all force can be qualified as it flows through the individual—the Only Power that can ever accomplish any good thing. It is the All-Victorious, Conscious Dominion over every condition of human activity when released through the personal self without resistance or interruption.

“This Mighty God Self Within you is the Supreme Ruler of all creation, and the only dependable, permanent and Eternal Source of help in existence. Only through Its Love, Wisdom and Power can anyone rise into the Ascended Mastery, for constant, conscious communion with It is Freedom and Dominion over all human creation. When I say human creation, I mean all that is discordant and less than perfect.”

Saint Germain in Unveiled Mysteries by Godfre Ray King, Ch. 5, pp. 163-164.