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Reisaltaar 10 cm x 18 cm

Updated with high gloss altar images on a matte finish. A five-panel altar: the Chart of Your Divine Self with portraits of Jesus Christ, Saint Germain, Kuthumi and El Morya. Digital re-creation of the original. Printed on heavy card stock. Stands up by itself.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet told us, “I have held in my heart the dream of presenting you with the portable altar of the children of Israel. My idea of a portable altar is something you carry with you in your car. And if you go out into the woods or into a mountain or anywhere you go, you take out your altar and you set it up.

“And when you close the altar, it says on the back of Jesus, I AM THAT I AM, and on the back of Saint Germain, AUM. On the back of the chart it says I AM THE OPEN DOOR THAT NO MAN CAN SHUT. So if you place this altar on your desk, those sitting on the other side of your desk have the handwriting on the wall to read. And, of course, it’s like a little cathedral; it has the Gothic work. And when you sit and decree with this, it gives you the opportunity to concentrate and to have that flame spring up.

“I’ve noticed when I put these up in the room, the top of the TV set and other places, that it definitely changes the forcefield. And the reason being, as you know, wherever there is the impression of the image of the Brotherhood, the Masters and the Chart, there the energy flows. And so it’s a way to have these altars in every room without having the large posters, and some of you don’t have enough wall space to do that.

“It’s just a wonderful feeling to be able to give a person the gift of this individual identity. I don’t know of anything greater than you or I could give anyone than that gift. So I’m grateful it’s available to us now in this form.”–Elizabeth Clare Prophet.



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