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Lost Teachings on Your Higher Self

In Book One of The Lost Teachings of Jesus series, Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet demonstrate that many of Jesus’ original teachings were lost. In Book Two they go one step further. They show how early churchmen–aided and abetted by the Roman emperors Constantine and Justinian–distorted Jesus’ true teachings. And robbed you of what he wanted you to know about the power of your own inner Christ.

In modem vernacular, parable and story, the Prophets provide the missing links. They explain the difference between “Jesus” and “the Christ.” They show how the Church’s doctrines on sin and the only begotten Son of God have obscured what Jesus really taught about salvation.

And how Eastern concepts like karma can be found wrapped in the mysteries he gave the disciples. But most importantly, they recapture the heart of his message–that you, like Jesus, can reconnect with your Divine Source to realize your full potential.


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