This handy e-book will empower you to invoke divine intercession and bring positive change in your life and the world at large through a wide selection of decrees, mantras and songs from the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.
This system of prayer and song, known as the Science of Invocation and the Science of the Spoken Word, includes visualization and breathing techniques. It is a great resource to help you connect with your real self, your I AM Presence, and become an a practical alchemist.

Concise explanations for:
Why use the Science of Invocation, also called the Science of the Spoken Word?
What are mantras?
What are decrees?
Why decrees are like spiritual letters?

Includes a Guide to Seven the Rays a complete chart with color, day, chakra, chohan, archangel, Elohim and qualities for each.

Basic instruction on creating and leading decree sessions, including invocations and having fun with decrees.