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Initiations of the Heart

Did our hearts not burn within us?… In Initiations of the Heart, the ascended masters reveal the mysteries of the heart. Here you have the keys to develop your heart, expand your heart’s fire, and balance your threefold flame.


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Prepare for the Tests of the Heart

…And the Goddess of Liberty steps forth today to initiate you and prepare you for the further initiations of the Mystery School of Maitreya.
– Lord Maitreya, July 14, 1985

Access the sacred fire hidden in your heart. Come and enter the place of your highest yearnings, called the Place of Great Encounters. Mystics and masters know this center as the secret chamber of the heart. The teacher says, “Come and find me.”

In these momentous times, souls of light are seeking the advanced spiritual training intuitively remembered from the ancient mystery schools. There is a dynamic spiritual formula taught in these mystery schools through the ages: you ascend through the heart! Today, the ascended masters come to reveal the advanced wisdom that reveals how you can pass the tests of the heart.

Initiations of the Heart centers on activating the spark of divinity deep within your heart through a direct relationship to the ascended masters. Experience their presence as they speak directly to your inner being and assist you in opening and balancing your heart’s sacred fire—so necessary to your spiritual journey.

Discover your own living connection to the ascended masters as you are raised into the realm of Divine Love through the Initiations of the Heart.

Teachings from the Mystery School series

Chapter Lisitng:

Our Origin in the Heart of Liberty. To Balance the Threefold Flame by True Heart Contact with Lord Maitreya

The Keepers of the Flame of Liberty

The Mystery of an Initiation in the Secret Chamber of the Heart

The Initiation of Hearts Fire for the Realignment of Worlds

My Gift of A Cosmic Threefold Flame of Liberty to counteract Damocles’ Sword: Aliens in Their Spacecraft

The Goal: Victory in the Threefold Flame. The Means: Mastery of the Six O’Clock Line

The Mediatrix of Divine Wholeness. Your Attainment Sustained by Your Heart Flame. “I Shall Not Leave Thee”

The Mystery of the Threefold Flame. The Glorious Golden Image of the Buddha. “Choose Life, Not Death!”

Open Your Heart to God. The Initiation of the Piercing of the Heart

Meet the Challenges of Your Life: Be the Master of Your Momentums. Impress the Pattern of the Threefold Flame upon Your Heart

No Other Concept but Victory for This Age

There Is Only One Way to Make Your Ascension: Accelerate Every Single Day of Your Life

The Heart Is Everything. To Build for Eternity, Build the Threefold Flame

Mold Yourself in the Divine Design of Love. Balance Your Threefold Flame, Saturate Yourself with the Fire of the Holy Spirit and Resolve Your Psychology

On the Resolution of the Heart with God. The Source of the Victory Is Your Heart

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