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Ashram Rituals 2 CDs

These six rituals are designed to link “hearts worldwide in a ritual of scheduled group meditations.”

The Unison Ritual
Great Central Sun Ritual
Sacred Ritual for Attunement with Gods Holy Will
Sacred Ritual for Soul Purification
Sacred Ritual for Transport and Holy Work
Sacred Ritual for Oneness
The Work of the Father and the Son: Mantrams from Jesus Life

The Ashram of Morya El is one answer to the call of unascended lifestreams who desire to reduce world suffering and serve the cause of world awakening. It carries a message full of hope to brothers small and great on earth. It opens a door that no man can shut and establishes a shining pathway for souls to reach up beyond the seemingly silent veil into the realm of pure Love. Here the care of the one Father is manifest for all his children, who were created to inherit the blessings of his kingdom.—Mark L. Prophet

“Thus, the Ashram is indeed a means to an end, and that end is total identification with the Word of God. It is the strengthening of hearts that we seek, and ritual has evermore been the means to that end. The ritual itself does increase the capacity of the individual to hold mighty currents of energy. As the capacity does increase, you are transformed. Rituals are self-transforming.

Listen as I give them with you through the Messenger. Listen to the quality of the voice of Lanello and of myself as you hear the fervor of love and realize that the Messenger is teaching you by example how to create a chalice for Light from the recitation of the Word.

The mere repetition of words will not suffice in this pursuit. Every word you speak, even as you hear me speaking now, is put forth with a power, with a fervor of adoration and gratitude to God. In fact, our spoken word does carry all of our being and the stamp of our individuality. So when you recite your rituals, may the sacred fire breath carry into your words the Light of your heart.

When these words are sent forth, there is no ending to them. They cross the Matter spheres and bless all Life. Such is the nature of the word of the Guru! Emulate this delivery, beloved, in your Ashram rituals so that your words, as cups of Light moving on a conveyor belt, shall reach millions of hearts of Light, never stopped by distance; for these words given in this fashion travel beyond ordinary wavelengths of sound.

There is indeed the Light and Sound Ray whereby the words of the Guru are carried wherever in the universe the Guru is manifest as God. And they are shuttled across the skies from star to star, and all who are chelas of the will of God who have reached a certain level of attainment listen with the inner ear for the conveyances of the Word as Power, the Word as Teaching, the Word as Love, the Word as the exegesis on the Law itself and the scriptures of East and West.”—El Morya, Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 33 No. 34.

2 Audio CDs, 2:08 hrs. This audio CD set is the companion product for the Booklet 


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