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It is not good to start yelling decrees when  you are angry

If you feel yourself caught in a riptide of anger – a riptide is a mass floating grid of energy that moves in the sky of the astral, and it will tie into a vortex of your own irritation, and suddenly you are blowing up with anger-you don’t start shouting decrees. You say,

” In the name of the Christ, I call to the Elohim to seize this energy.”

Take a deep breathing, you sit quietly, you keep silent. You get out of the way of people, go to a quiet room. You let yourself calm down and you start speaking very slowly, because speaking slowly will control the anger, and you say,

“I Am a being of violet fire, I Am the purity God desires.”

Of course, you have to want to be that being. You have to have enough control of yourself to know that you want to overcome this momentum. You see the violet flame passing through you. Through your deep breathing you feel yourself beginning to reestablish the norms.  Your adrenals calm down, your blood calms down, your heart calms down all these things that are affected by this riptide and you let the violet flame start flowing slowly.
And when you feel in control, you say:

“In the name of the Christ, I call on the law of forgiveness for the disruption of the flow of my harmony. Let it be reestablished. I call to the great Elohim to seize that energie so that it cannot affect any other part of life. I call to the angelic hosts to take up that substance, encircle it, purify it with its cause and core. In the name of the Christ, I challenge all entities, discarnates, fallen ones, the consciousness behind this riptide, this anger momentum. I call to the hosts of light to bind them and remove them from the earth, from the force field of my consciousness and from all who are  endangered thereby”.

Then you really start giving your decrees, your violet flame, when you have your peace restored.

Bron: Understanding Yourself  – Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

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