“I Am” is the full activity of God

Having placed before you so often the Truth of God in Action, I wish you to understand its first expression in individualization. The first expression of every individual, everywhere in the Universe, either in spoken word, silent thought or feeling, is “I AM”, recognizing Its Own Conquering Divinity.

The student, endeavoring  to understand and apply these mighty, yet simple Laws, must stand guard more strictly over his thought and expression – in word or otherwise: for every time you say “I Am not,” I cannot,’’ I have not,’’ you are, whether knowingly or unknowingly, throttling that Great Presence ‘

Within you. This is just as tangible as you placed your hands about the throat of an outer form, only with the outer form, your thought governing the hand, you can release it at any time; but when you make a declaration using the words I Am not ”you set in motion Mighty, Limitless Energy that continues to act, unless it is recalled and the imperfection consumed and transmuted.

This shows you the enormous power you have to qualify this Mighty Energy of God. Thus, you can see how important it is for you to know what you are doing when you thoughtlessly use wrong expressions: because you are using the Most Divine Principle of Activity in the Universe – “I Am”.

When you think of the expression ‘I Am’ it means that you know you have God in Action expressing in your Life.

“I Am”- which is all health, opulence, perfection, happiness, peace, and the power to recognize Perfection in yourself and everywhere else.

Bron: The Ï Am “Discourses Godfre Ray King.