How to Heal

Your entire form is enfolded in God’s healing Presence when your visualization is concentrated and charged with love as you use “I AM” you are declaring. “God is in me”.
Try saying this out loud:

Almighty God, in the name of my Higher Self, take command of my entire being. Create and sustain in me a perfect picture of the divine design. See that this action is established in my whole being and make me whole both now and forever. Work in me the fullness of a right mind in action to remove all distortions in my flesh form and my mental body, bringing about the wondrous purity of God as it descends. Kindle around me the aura of the Infinite One until circling me is the angelic power of light.

I AM God’s perfection manifest
In body, mind, and soul-
I Am God’s direction flowing
To heal and keep me whole!

O atoms, cells, electrons
Within this form of mine,
Let heaven’s own perfection
Make me now divine!

I charge and charge and charge myself
With radiant I AM light-
I feel the flow of purity
That now makes all things right!

The healing process takes place through the restoration of wholeness, first in your soul ( both spiritually and emotionally), then in your mind (mentally and visually), and finally in your body, which will always reflect the state of your higher bodies. What appears to be failure in achieving the results that we seek is really that we have not held the vision of the perfect image with determination long enough to see it come into being. Whenever you pray for healing, know that the call compels the answer. God will answer your prayer not necessarily as you have envisioned the answer but at the time and in the way that your soul truly needs.

Bron: The Afterlife. Elizabeth Clare Prophet.