How shall the world be healed unless some say:

The Children Need You Every Hour.  How shall the world be healed unless some say:

I will turn this thing around
I will invoke the violet flame and the Holy Spirit!
I will accept my healing in my four lower bodies.
I will pursue therapy for my soul.
I will resolve the schisms in my psyche.
And I will come to the point of wholeness!
I will stop the momentums of generations before me who have abandoned the child.
And I will nurture life!
I have no greater calling than to restore to every part of life
the gentle communication of the Mother:
I Am here
I have returned.
I Am returned.
I Am with you.
I Am not afar off

These are the words of the Divine Mother:
I am a Mother among the heavenly hosts. And as you know, I am called the Queen of Angels. In that I send all angels of heaven to nurture life and to take from mothers their hardness of heart toward their children that has come from their own abuse by this one and that one and another and another.

I send angels in embodiment such as this messenger to teach them to call upon Mercy’s flame, the flame of forgiveness, which is the violet transmuting flame, for the melting of their hardness of heart and for  the restoration of the living, pulsating heart of fire, heart of flesh, immaculate heart of a mother’s eye that sees only the beauty of her child and protect her precious one and does not allow the world to tear that child from her womb or from her breast.

The Age of the Divine Mother Mary

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