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Challenge all misguided use of free will and misqualified energy

Mankind know not how the balance scales of the Holy Spirit are now delicately balanced by the flames of the devotees of every faith and every calling, the sincere who are clear, whose auras are clear for the light to penetrate. These are they who are the electrodes of the Great White Brotherhood, of hierarchy. They stand upon every continent holding forth the light until their bodies receive so much light that the weight becomes a burden of light that can be felt tangibly.

The ascended masters are close to their chelas. And the parched earth soaks up the fire of the living Word almost before it is spoken by the chela. So the invocations and the calls go forth. Action is released, but there is counteraction; and the counteraction is the free will of mankind.

You have the right and the authority in God, in the name of the I AM Presence, to challenge the misuse of freewill when that misuse encroaches upon planetary life and interferes with the freedom of mankind to follow the path of initiation, to make their way back to the center of God. I say, then, do not sleep this night ere you have spoken these words:

“In the name of Jesus the Christ, in the name of Gautama the Buddha, I challenge all misguided use of free will and all misqualified energy that encroaches upon the freedom of the souls of Terra to choose the way of light, to choose the path of the ascension!

I stand in God, I stand for God! I AM on earth as I AM in heven! I AM a chela of the ascended masters! And I pray this prayer that mankind might have this night the light of vision and the enlightenment of the Buddha, the freedom flame of Saint Germain, and the protection of Archangel Michael for the victory, for the liberation of an entire lifewave.

Let it be done in the name of the Father, the Mother, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. All this I AM.”

Now you may not have memorized those words; and if you have not, the simple prayer of the heart, the intent of the heart to intercede on behalf of mankind, will do. But speak the prayer with the authority of the I AM Presence! Speak it loud and clear! Let the fiat go forth! And let it resound across the heavens and across the earth that a noble generation of lightbearers has arisen in this age to proclaim the way of light, the way of the Buddha, the way of hierarchy, the way of freedom with honor.

So let cosmic councils hear your call and your plea! Let them know that there are some here below whose hearts, like candles, glow with fervor and a fire and a compulsion to rise, to rise higher and higher into light, into God, into the center of the flaming yod.

This post is an an excerpt from the 1976 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 19 No. 20 by Gautama Buddha.

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