Discarnates Need Your Energy

Discarnate entities are tormented by their unfulfilled desires and are disconnected from their Higher Self and from God. Sooner or later they discover the means of drawing strength from those who have not lost their Source. Cooperation of people on earth who involve themselves with psychic activity and channeling is one way that discarnates can get our energy. But there are other seemingly innocent or normal human activities that can allow entities to sap our energy. Whenever we are not in harmonious or out of tune with our Higher Self in any way, we are vulnerable.

Vibrations of irritation, grief, fear, anger, gossip, envy, depression, disdain and other negative thoughts and feelings – even dissonant rhythms, sounds, and words in music – puncture the natural protective envelope placed around our souls at birth in order to hold the spiritual Energies that are released to us from God. Discord of any kind in our world automatically rends, or tears, our spiritual garment. Without the wholeness of this spiritual protection, our energies become vulnerable to discarnate entities.

A common way that we may be out of tune with our Higher Self is trough the foods that we eat even when we know they are harming us. Discarnates can get your energy if you overload your body with sugar, for instance. You become open, allowing entities to take your energy and light. Sugar in any form weakens you and makes you susceptible to the astral plane and to entities.

Entities are unable to attach themselves to those who are in tune with their Higher Self. If these entities can catch you off guard, though, they can derive more benefit from the relatively pure energies of those on the spiritual path than they can from those who move in and are saturated with the momentums of the astral plane. This is because the purer the Energies, the more readily they are assimilated by the entity.

Bron: After Life  – Elizabeth Clare Prophet