There are physical atoms and light atoms. We mus learn to work with both

“I AM here! I AM Saint Germain! And I come close to the physical atoms in my penetration and in the velocity of my light-atoms. I draw nigh to your heartbeat, and I make your heart beat in consonance with my own that is attuned to the heart of God in the Great Central Sun.”

“As a circus trainer would train an animal to pass through a hoop, so divine, intelligent energy is willing to pass through the hoop of your attention and consciousness and do your bidding if you are willing to accept the challenge of life and demand of it that it do the will of God for you.

“This is how you obtain your freedom. It is by self-mastery. You do not obtain your freedom, blessed ones, by criticism of other parts life nor do you obtain it by accepting the idea that other parts of life are rumbling against you. You obtain it by an innocence of heart that favors you because with this innocence you do not need to be wise.

“The law of God, the greatest law that there is in the universe, is not only the Law of Love, it is the law of the will. And the will to freedom is a measure of intensity whereby the consciousness pulls together the threads of its own self. And as a sack will pull together a bag of marbles, so the consciousness, from being estranged upon itself, becomes a unified effort of intelligent light atoms coordinated into a whole God-magnificence which can be a weight on behalf of freedom in this age, not only for the self, not only for the realm of the individual— in God’s name, you do not think that the Brothers would come to the planet merely to save one individual alone and pass all others by?”

Saint Germain, 7-1-67

The Summit Lighthouse Holland

Keeper of the Flame

T Uneputty