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Teachings of the Cosmic Christ, Vol 1

To restore the thread of contact with the Guru, Maitreya would show you the way. Re-establish the thread of contact with your own Real Self. Enter the path of the Cosmic Christ. Regain the Edenic consciousness. Find your way back Home.


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Restoring the Thread of Contact

Teachings from the Mystery School

The spiritual path, with its mystical goal of oneness with God, is simple in concept—God is Love. But if the simple precepts that lie at the heart of all the world’s religions were enough, we would have reached the goal of the ascension many embodiments ago. More than good intentions and purity of heart are needed. We need a guide.

Whether we know that one as teacher, guru, or master, that guide sees our inner, eternal reality and tutors our souls through the challenging initiations of the Path. The master holds us in his embrace as we transcend the limitations of the human personality and integrate with the personal presence of God.

Maitreya was the Guru in the ancient mystery school described in allegory in Genesis as the Garden of Eden. He is known in the East through the traditions of Buddhism: Gautama prophesied to his disciples that after a period of darkness, Lord Maitreya would descend to earth to preside over a future age of enlightenment.

Buddhists today await Maitreya’s coming much in the same way that Christians await Jesus’ Second Coming. Yet Maitreya is here. Since 1960 he has been delivering his teachings in the West through Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, messengers for the ascended masters. And in 1979 he called a group of students together to study his teachings and to make their connection once again with his heart—the heart of the Guru.

Teachings of the Cosmic Christ is the record of the profound and personal teachings given to that group of students at Summit University. Join them now. You will find here precious keys for accelerating your spiritual path. You will learn how to restore and strengthen the thread of contact with your own inner teacher and your guru. And you will learn how to repare for the initiations that come to all who would walk the Path all the way Home.

Take this as a handbook on your journey toward your ultimate destination. Maitreya shows the way. He invites you to enter in. He shows how in today’s world you can truly walk in the footsteps of Jesus, of Gautama, and of all those who have found their ultimate Reality..

Maitreya would show us the way. The first step: to reestablish the thread of contact with the Guru—and with our own Real Self.

Enter the path of the Cosmic Christ.

Regain the Edenic consciousness.

Find your way back Home.

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