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Sacred Ritual for The Creation of the Cloud with booklet.

The cloud, as the manifestation of the power of your creative energy, the fire of your Spirit, will draw into your world the very consciousness of God himself. – Saint Germain

Inspiring us to become co-creators with God, Saint Germain teaches us a practical alchemy whereby we learn to harness lifes energies for the healing of the nations. He shows us how to magnetize millions of focal points of light into a brilliant, pulsating cloud of infinite energy that can then be directed into specific conditions upon the planetincluding disease, pollution, crime and even war.

Through the messengers invocations, meditations and visualizations, we are led step by step in the creation of this sacred cloud, which Saint Germain describes as everywhere present but nowhere manifest until called into action. Remember that it is practice that makes perfect, that it is motive that transfigures design, that it is beauty that transfixes the soul.

Liner notes:

  1. Presentation of Souls unto the Victory of Love – 2:48 mins
  2. Electronic Presence of Saint Germain – 3:02 mins
  3. I Invoke Constructive Change – 2:21 mins
  4. Purity for the Divine Plan: Right Change – 2:21 mins
  5. The Law of Alchemy for Sacred Change – 0:59 mins
  6. Consume Veils of Superstition and Idolatry – 1:07 mins
  7. Chant the AUM – 3:13 mins
  8. Invoke the Cloud – 1:29 mins
  9. God Is All – 0:14 seces
  10. Seraphim Reinforce the Creation of the Cloud – 1:43 mins
  11. Souls Rise to the Secret Chamber of the Heart – 10:11 mins
  12. I Command the Cloud to Be Where I AM – 1:44 mins
  13. Lo, I AM Alive Forevermore! – 4:58 mins
  14. Increase the Potential of the Cloud – 1:48 mins
  15. I AM the Incorruptible One – 1:21 mins
  16. Direction for the Cloud – 6:52 mins
  17. Supplemental Invocations: Violet Flame with the Elementals
  18. Summon Mighty Sylphs to Los Angeles – 2:02 mins

1 Audio CD: 1 hour 3 minutes, including booklet.



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