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Quietly Comes The Buddha, 25th Anniversary Edition

“There are some born to be the Christ and there are some who are born to be the Buddha…”

One born to be the Buddha was Siddhartha Gautama who lived six centuries before Jesus Christ when Ezekiel was prophesying to Judah and Israel. Of royal lineage, he left wife and newborn son, palace and power and set out to discover the cause of old age, disease, and death. After six years and numerous experiments with yogis and ascetics, he communed under the bo tree for forty-nine days and brought forth out of nirvana–the consciousness where only God is real–the message of the Enlightened One. And to his disciples he presented the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path, which have become the foundation for the Middle Way of life for millions.

Quietly Comes the Buddha is the story of Sumedha–the soul of Gautama one with the soul of humanity. In it the Blessed One reveals his experiences in the mastery of the Ten Perfections of the Law during many lifetimes prior to his final incarnation, when he answered the call of the Ancient of Days to be the Buddha.

Gautama serves the people of earth with Jesus the Christ and Mary the Mother, Moses and Maitreya, Confucius and Krishna, and all sons and daughters of God who have accelerated consciousness and ascended into the white-fire core of God’s being.

Ever pursuing the goal of uniting the sacred mysteries of East and West, Gautama Buddha came quietly to the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet to deliver his teachings for men and women in the Aquarian age. As this living master meditates upon the heart of God and the heart of humanity, he sends forth through the written and spoken Word a delicate thread of light to contact the heart of every soul who would become the Christ or the Buddha by the spirit of the living God.

If you would pursue the eternal quest and behold God face to face, the Compassionate One comes quietly to tell you how you can realize the Christ, the Buddha where you are. His message imparted, he returns quietly into the flame.


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