Intercession of Infinite Light

This lovely blend of prose, poetry, prayer, and meditation helps readers develop their inner Buddhic nature to bring wholeness into their lives and the lives of others.

Intercession of Infinite Light

Om Buddha past, present and future,
Om Maitreya, Initiator and Buddha
Of the New Age,
Enfold my heart in thy infinite light.
I bow to your infinite light

Infinite light!
Shine now in the cave of being,
Fill me completely with light

Infinite light!
Let shadows stand out, loom largely,
And fade quickly at the blasts of light from thee!

Infinite light!
I am one with Maitreya and the Buddhist light.
All darkness flees before this holy light!

Infinite light!
Flee, lust Flee, greed!Flee, jealousy!Flee, hatred!
Flee, selfishness! Flee, laziness! Flee, unkindness!
Flee, all hurts! Flee, all wounds!
Flee, every thought that is less than light!

Flee, every feeling, that is less than light!
Flee, every motive that is less than light!
Flee every word and deed that is less than light!

Om Maitreya
Om Buddha’s past, present and future
I am thy infinite light!

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