Returning to the Way of the Tao - The TAO of Healing -

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This 10-session healing program is a spin off from the Winter Conference’s theme: “Rapture of Love.”

It is designed to take the participant through a tenmonth healing journey. Each month we will be given concepts to explore, implement, and integrate into our lifestyles. With the optimum goal of living a more balanced lifestyle within and without using ascended masters’ principles as we explore the TAO of Healing.

It will have the greatest benefits if done to completion from January 15, 2022-October 15, 2022. However, feel free to explore each month as an independent cycle of healing. We will incorporate the book: “Seven Energy Centers” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet into this program.

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Date: January 15, 2022-October 15, 2022
Cost: Free
Online Event: Hosted bij TC Johannesburg South Africa via Zoom


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